Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Land of Music

Nashville... so much fun!

We loved it and want to go back...the land of music is really pretty amazing.   We stayed at the OpryLand Resort which in and of itself, was amazing--the water fountain shows, restaurants, shops, and tropical gardens... We loved staying there with easy access to whatever we wanted to do.   

We visited the General Jackson dinner show boat where we saw acrobats perform amazing--quite dangerous stunts while floating down a peaceful river.  We visited the Grand Ole Opry where country music was born...we listened to a lot of  old style country music--you know the real whinny stuff.  Kenn, myself, and the kids considered this part fairly painful, but it was all worth it to have it end with some amazing modern stuff...LOVED that!  We went to an aquarium restaurant and topped it off with a lot of swimming which the kids always love...and of course, the escalators--or should we call them a mini amusement park?  The kids were definitely amused! 

Just getting away and being together without daily life interruptions was so nice!  As you can see the  kids had a really good time---don't let Jake's tough, mean face throw you.  He is just at that stage where he is trying to look really tough for the pictures...I have other photos to prove it...when he didn't know I was taking them of course.  As for Koenn, he was the camera man for this cute photo.