Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mountain Country Vacationing

Family with our Train Conductor

Train Ride through Provo Canyon

Sweet and Smily...

A Summer's Nap with a Gentle Breeze

Koenn's "Lovies"

Our summer has been action packed. Most recently, we went on our family vacation to Utah and Idaho. Actually, I'm not sure if it was a true family "vacation". I think it would be more properly labeled a family "trip". "Vacation" indicates overall leisure time together while "trip" indicates being on the go most of the time and that was what we did. Either way it was so much fun--and of course, not nearly long enough.

Right after Morley finished swimming championships we drove like mad to Utah. We went through Denver and then across I-70 into Utah. Moving our way through the Rockies, in all their majesty, I was drawn to think of God. I have always wondered if people who label themselves "atheist" have ever visited the Rockies and taken time, even briefly, to notice them. In all their grandeur, the Rockies testify that God is the creator of our beautiful world. Kenn and I met a couple in Cincinnatti, OH. He explained it best. He told us that he visited Denver. He flew in at night and went directly to his hotel. The next morning, he walked outside--looking east and thought, "I don't know what is such a big deal about these Rockies." And then he turned to the west---awestruck. He said that looking there at the Rockies reaffirmed his understanding of God.

When we got to Utah, we stopped at a park in Price, Utah. The kids needed a break from all the driving. They made good use of their free time and Kenn and I even enjoyed swinging with the kids. I must say, swinging is pretty exhilarating especially after sitting in one position for hours on end. The rest of our time included:

OUR BENSON FAMILY REUNION--Was, without a doubt a highlight--for the kids because of the infamous "Danish Rounders," a Cricket like game, which is played each and every year. Morley, Briannon, and Jaclynn all love and look forward to it. As in years past, they played with a lot of heart. Morley was sweating like crazy. They all tanked up on water and headed home to Mimi and Papa's house with Uncle Nate and Papa only a few minutes before Kenn and I left. They were ready, in bed, and sawing logs by the time we got there--wiped out.

The highlight for me (& Kenn too--I think) was of course visiting with loved ones--some of whom I remember being so young and full of life. Now, they seem old. The longer I live, the more convinced I am that life is really short. It wasn't like that when I was a child--playing Danish Rounders.

VISITING GREAT GRANDMA BENSON--was relaxing. Grandma is getting up their in age. We sang "Happy Birthday"--her 84th at the Benson Reunion the night before. Time keeps on ticking, creeping up so quietly and each time we visit, I see her open, giving heart shining through. The older she gets, the harder it is for her and yet the more she manages to give--always asking if she can get us something to eat or drink.

We got to ride a real train--one of Thomas' friends!  It used called the Heber Creeper and oh, the memories that flooded back from my childhood as well as new ones created... Our train was "robbed" and we all had to have both hands in the air. The kids kept asking why we had to keep our hands up and why the guys kept shooting their guns...confusing...and amusing!  

SWIMMING-- We went swimming at the local pool as a family. For as much swimming as we did this summer, this was one of the rare times we went as a family as Koenn finally accepted getting wet without screaming in a less than warm water.  Jaclynn and I admitted that this was the best family activity that we did on vacation.  It was so much fun.

DINOSAUR MUSEUM--We also went with Papa, Mimi, Uncle Aaron and Aunt Michelle to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum to watch the dinosaur movie. Honestly, it was pretty boring--and that was not only my opinion...

THE BEST OF IT ALL-- We loved being with our family and friends---Uncle Aaron, Aunt Michelle, Mike, Uncle Nate and especially Mimi and Papa.  They have a special way of making each grandchild feel special.  I think that if you asked any one of our kids who Mimi and Papa loved, they would start the list with themselves.  Briannon wrote on a back to school paper that her favorite place to visit was her Mimi and Papa's--and I know that her opinion is shared by the others.


6DancingPrincesses said...

Hi Ruthann! I found you through, well, Melanie, then Michelle, and then here you are!!! So fun to see your family!! I can't believe how big they are...It's been forever since we've seen you. How is everyone? Anyway, look forward to seeing more of them!

Grandpas Cook said...

Sorry I missed you guys. Mike took some good pictures to show me. Glad you had a good trip. See you next time.

Michelle said...

RuthAnn! I love this post! It was so great to see you guys when you came. I would have to agree that the dinosaur video was pretty boring-definitely not what I was expecting. But, Cafe Rio was really good! :)

Suzanne said...

Hi RuthAnn! It's Suzanne Plant -- Randi's friend. I found your blog through helping Randi make hers and I just want to say hi! I hope you don't mind if I check out your blog once in a while. Instead of asking Randi how you are I can just see for myself! Good to see you are doing well.

W and S said...

I know just what you mean by "trip" instead of vacation! We were sad to hear that we just missed you by a few days in Utah. Maybe next time! Anyhow, love the pictures. Your little Koenn is getting big!

Juliano Family said...

Very cute. I wish that we could have joined you all in your adventure. Lots of love!

Melanie said...

Hello Lewis's. Okay, so the last time I saw you guys was at Morley's baptism. That has been forever hasn't it? I didn't even know you had another baby. I guess with all of the daily drama with the Thomson family the good news is never passed on., we can make an effort to keep in touch with each other instead of relying on others.

I can not believe how adorable your kids are. How old are they now?

If you feel so inclined, you can visit our blog through Julie or Michelle's.

I look forward to hearing about your family again.

Natalie Jensen said...

Hi Ruthann,

All us Hardings are tracking you down, apparently. I am glad to see you have a blog now. Your kids are so big. I don't think I have ever even seen the younger 3. It is amazing how fast we got It would have been nice to have the Benson's and Harding's get together while you were here, just like we always did as kids. I look forward to reading more about your family.